14,8 x 21 cm | 20 pages | edition of 250 | 2017


DRAFT#2 is an attempt to create an air sculpture through a book format. The idea comes from my personal ritual of airing out the apartment. In this case it is airing out a book or an idea juxtaposing window views.

One set of windows are from a friend in

Detroit, USA and the other set is in Steyr, Austria.

Contemporary Viennese Apples

14,8 x 14.8 cm | 40 pages | edition of 100 | 2015/6


This small volume is a collection of photographs of apples taken at the Vienna Contemporary Art Fair in the fall of 2015. I was inspired by the placement of apples on exhibitor's desks in relation to object in their surrounding. Last page sums it all up:

Artist: (politely approaching two ladies sitting at the booth table) Excuse me, would you mind if I take a photo of your apple?
Gallery owner: (looking very confused) Of my apple?
A: Yes, of your apple on the table. (author points with the hand to the apple)
GO: Oh, no. I don’t mind at all. At first I thought why would someone want to take a photo of my apple laptop.

( Both A and GO start laughing )

Maribor's Milky Way

14,8 x 21 cm | 48 pages | edition of 200 | 2012

Text by Alenka Čuš

Slovenian and English

Published by the artist and the Media Nox Gallery.

Funded through European Capital of Culture Maribor 2012


A collection of a photographs as well as a process and continuation of a public intervention in a book format. What would it be like to restore chewing gums on a street and there are thousands. When it rains they lit up because of the contrast between wet asphalt and glossy white chewing gums. Maribor's Milky Way is a documentation of such idea.

Miroslav Cukovic​
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210x148mm Edition of 250 2017